How to catch up

If you see me as inspiration, know that I’m not:
I am made of flesh and bones
A mind that is light-years ahead of yours
A heart that breathes love like unpolluted air
And a little sparkle, a neologism
that means gibberish and marks difference
I am not verdancy, not glasses, not messy hair
Best forget me if you have no millenary to spare
To write down the words, learn the notes of the scale
You claim to understand the conscious
You claim to know the structure of truth
Yet I remain opaque in my very opacity
As the laws of nature do not apply to me
If you see me as inspiration, limit me no longer
Liberate yourself of ideations of your fancy
This woman is beyond comprehension in her simplicity
My tongue speaks thunder
My hands work wonders
I seek and seek and arrive nowhere
Yes, in that respect, we do not differ
Yet hear a last tidbit of my tenacity:
I cannot give up searching
I cannot sit idle and play by rules others wrote for me
So if you see me as inspiration, know that I envy
how your journey granted you answers abundantly
Our paths crossed and they seperate:
Your answers are right to your feet
My feet have yet to carry me
to the land of milk and honey
To the sacred abode of my answers
and the conundra that must surely await me

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