Through The Looking Glass

Your thoughts wander.
You float in the sea, and bathe in the afterglow’s play.
Out of nowhere, a negative thought rises to surface –
You breathe in, and you close your eyes.
You sink –
You sink gleefully –
You surrender your sense of everything.
The photons coalesce,
your heartbeat melds with the sea’s,
and azure has lost all of its historicity –
So how do you still hear
your veins’ quiet whisperings?
How does your shell prepare for ascent
When your ghost still swims merrily?
And when you break through the mirror,
an unshrinking you grazes your face,
just merely,
just slightly –
In anything but, yet just five minutes…
You open your eyes.
You shake your head.
You sit up straight –
You resume your work.
There’s a lot to be done.
(Little is won by delving too long in my own universe.)

Inspiration came from a scene in an anime I watched yesterday as my bedtime story, which, in my opinion, illustrates this stream of consciousness quite well. 


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