… so help me God

Everything is ephemeral. Yes! Indeed! Nothing lasts forever.

That being said: by applying a constructivist relativism to the human experiences en masse, we rob our existence off its basis – the quest for truth, for a higher consciousness and – dare I say it? – godliness. You cannot not invest your heart into your affairs of importance and then wonder and weep at chances bygone and days lost. To believe in truth is to believe in its elevated meaning and meaningfulness! To consecrate oneself to it is to search and roam the intersections – bounce oneself silly in the back-and-forth between their elastic walls – and to make use of each day: in utmost appreciation of the desperation involved in the pursuit of the higher things…

You will never arrive. You will never revel in blissful certainty. Your life, as you learn, is a walk on a tightrope – and the path to mastery the endurance in fixating on the point ahead.

If I am to lose faith in everything, I know that I will never lose faith in my red beating heart.


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