Love is whimsy,

barely a flame, mere dust

Love eternal does not exist.


Poems clog the shores like plastic waste

In a tragic attempt at grasping the world’s greatest mystery

And thus pollute the oceans

In a tragic attempt at sterility


Mark my words, and do not partake

In the world’s greatest treachery

All I have learnt from love is this:

It cannot be institution, if to be conserved naturally;

neither self-praise, or else shorn of its dignity;

– and the first of all loves is sweetest, because new! –

And the first of loves never last

And by the time you meet the truest of them all

The forces that be will, eventually, seperate you

Because even a hawk does not claim with such jealousy

The gem of gems, your heart’s fidelity


insomniac and meh.

I hope I finally learn.


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