I seek refuge! I say – in the word and its meaning and the blissful depths of the sea of forgettery! – I find my sanctuary in gratitude as sweet as honey, clinging to blades of grass like feathery droplets amidst the change of seasons; I commit myself to the light within and the voice that asks me to trust its lead, and it looks like grace does not shoot out of the sky like lightning, but rather gently rains down on your face like only a night of stillness can, coronating your locks with fragments of invisible diamonds and clothing you in armor and teaching your mind manoeuvres it never knew heretofore… awaken. You were not born to bind down your objectives to a particular locality, or to compromise on who you are. Be woman, be child. Be the whirlwind and an abundance of sunshine. Be the white tree and the new morning. Some are born to protect, some to serve. You were born to seek. Love with all your heart, but move on.

inspired by Pentatonix’s cover of “Hallelujah”


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