To the One I Will Yet Meet

I know you/
You have peregrinated the trajectory of my dreams before/
you have raced light-years through my velvet cosmos of gyrating stars/
whilst I counted the supernovae in silent awe/
readily meeting their destiny if only to lead you the way/
you have witnessed the rise and fall of empires amidst the dystopia of my half-lidded visions/
you have weathered the pillaging and the babel of cries/
and where others winced at the impossibility of possibilities/
and contorted and transferred the assigned values!/
you looked at them all with veracity, wanting to understand the limit to your limits’ limits/
and you knew that, at the end of all things, only you would remain/
you have traversed mountains, beautiful as the break of dawn/
and sometimes, I could swear an elusive smile flashes by/
leaving behind leafy canopies only a susurration of promises, a song of olden days/
you are as strange to me as the language you speak/
and as familiar as the laugh of my mother/
and as formidable as the tempest and as dear as my life/
Who are you?/
You are a vagrant, like me/ I have known you for the longest time/



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